Special Service Areas

cropped-P60301972.jpgSpecial Service Areas are a tool used by industrial, commercial, and residential areas to fund additional services and programs in neighborhoods business districts. An SSA utilizes a local property tax levy to guarantee special services and programs in addition to the ones already provided by the City.

When a Special Service Area is approved, a local SSA Commission is created. The Mayor appoints businesses and property owners to this Commission. The members of the commission provide input on services and oversight to the SSA. This group manages funding from the tax levy, which can only be used on services within the Special Service Area.


Special Service Areas will fund small scale capital improvement projects, and a variety of programs and services, including security services, beautification efforts, area marketing and advertising assistance, promotional activities like parades and festivals, and safety programs.


The Far South CDC administer two SSA’s. Click a link below or information on one of these areas.

SSA #45, 103rd/Halsted Street
SSA #49, South Shore Exchange