Neighborhood Business Development Center

The Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC) is a program funded by the City of Chicago Business Affairs and Consume Protection (BACP). The NBDC program works  through existing community organizations, such as the Far South CDC to be the liaison between the CIty and businesses in a specific geographic area.


The Far South CDC and the City of Chicago are committed to creating and maintaining economically healthy business corridors, As part of this goal, the purpose of the NBDC Program is to stabilize and expand the local business base. The objectives include the prevention of local companies from closing or moving; to help companies, expand and to create and retain jobs, in essence, NBDC intends to make our area a more attractive environment for the business community and seeks to retain and attract industry to the area.


Assistance is offered to companies covering a wide variety of issues ranging from day to day operations to expansion project. The Far South CDC acts as one-stop resource fro area businesses ad liaison with City Hall.

The Far South CDC’s knowledgeable staff are available to provide technical assistance on the many financial incentives that are available to local businesses operating in the CIty of Chicago, The CIty of Chicago and the STate of Illinois have various programs and incentives available to businesses that are designed to attract and retain industry in the area. Theses incentives include grants, assessment reductions, tax credits and rebates that often save companies thousands of dollars.

The range of services provided by NBDC groups also includes identifying and assessing the needs of local businesses through frequent communications with these businesses and the coordination of meetings for all of the local stakeholders,


After these needs are identified, the NBDC representative will contact the appropriate CIty Department to initiate a suitable response. These needs often involve assistance with infrastructure improvements, locating sites for expansion, resolving workforce issues, providing economic data or industry information, and the resolution for public works issues, The Far South CDC provides small businesses with:

  • Information about particular neighborhoods
  • Business plan assistance
  • Commercial real estate information
  • Assistance getting a new small business started
  • Assistance troubleshooting City-related issues
  • Connection to financial resources
  • Connection to the local community
  • Support from specialty business organiations that are ethnic or industry based
  • Employment and workforce development assistance
  • Consumer marketing assistance
  • Business-to-buiness networking opportunities
  • Business referral
  • Licensing and permit assistance
  • Tax increment Financing Information
  • Zoning Ordinanec
  • Small Business IMprovement FUnd
  • Microladn assistance
  • Tehcnology assistance
  • Identifying capital needs for businesses