This is the third year of the 8-Week South Halsted Neighborhood Market (Market) hosted by the Far South Community Development Corporation (Far South CDC) Food Access program, which is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization.

Each year there has been a substantial turnout of community and business participation and we are excited that this year is going to be our greatest yet. The Market consist of several elements: a farmer’s market, small businesses and organizations’ vendor display, and local family-fun events.


“Our mission is to provide a comprehensive response to hunger and to meet human needs in communities located on the South side of Chicago through a coordinated network providing food distribution, advocacy, and volunteers.”


Since 2003, the Greater Roseland West Pullman Food Network has provided a comprehensive and coordinated response to combating food insecurity in communities that make up Chicago’s South Side.  Last year with our pantry distribution partners, we served over 96,000 Chicago area families, directly affecting over 350,000 individuals, and delivering over 3 million pounds of food.  However, fighting food insecurity and malnutrition in underserved communities requires innovation and collaboration to address issues of health, education, and economic opportunity, which are some of the root causes of food insecurity. This is why GRWP Food Network collaborates with community partners in Roseland to develop and implement a comprehensive response to combat hunger not just for today, but also for tomorrow, and for future generations.