Energy Efficiency Program – WP MMRP

The City of Chicago is pleased to partner with Elevate Energy to provide free energy assessments to homeowners in the city’s 13 Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP) Target Areas. These free assessments include an on-site review of the building and a report with practical, cost-effective home improvements that increase comfort and reduce energy bills.

In addition, income-qualified homeowners will have access to an MMRP Energy Efficiency Forgivable Loan of up to $5,000 to cover the cost of the home improvements. The most common energy efficiency improvements are attic insulation and air-sealing (sealing up the places where heated or cooled air leaves the home, or where outside air can get inside the home).

MMRP Energy Efficiency Forgivable Loan Eligibility Criteria:

1. Applicant must own and live in a 1-4 unit building located in an MMRP Target Area.
2. Applicant must be current on City of Chicago property taxes, water bills, and parking tickets.
3. Applicant must have current homeowners insurance.
4. Applicant’s household income must not exceed certain income limits (see income table below).

Household Size Household Income Limit
1 person $43,050
2 persons $49,200
3 persons $55,350
4 persons $61,500
5 persons $66,450
6 persons $71,350
7 persons $76,300
8 persons $81,200
9 persons $86,100
10 persons $91,020

To apply, go to West Pullman Energy Efficiency Program.