119th-plan-outlineThe 119th Street Corridor is located in the City of Chicago’s West Pullman Community Area and stretches four blocks north and south of 119th Street from I-57 to Union Avenue. The area first developed as an industrial corridor with major employers which included Ingersoll, International Harvester, Dutch Boy Paints, and Libby. Residential areas of West Pullman were originally developed as a way for factory workers from Pullman to buy their homes outside of the rules and regulations of the company town. Commercial stores and residential buildings developed along Halsted Street, a major arterial to serve the expanding population.

The residential subdivision of Maple Park, located north of 118th Street, was developed starting in 1961. Maple Park was one of the first residential areas of Chicago in which a large neighborhood of new single-family homes was marketed to African-Americans, many of whom worked for nearby industrial companies. Described as a “suburban experience in the inner city,” Maple Park has been a long-standing source of pride for local residents, some of whom have celebrated their 50th anniversary in the neighborhood. After a population peak in 1980 the area lost many of its industrial jobs due to the closing of Ingersoll, Dutch Boy Paints, and International Harvester (now called Navistar). kroc-center-04-website-shotOver the years, the community has experienced a loss in population, jobs, and retail along major thoroughfares 119th Street and Halsted Street. Over the past five to ten years, there have been several improvements to the 119th Street Corridor, most notably the development of the Joan and Ray Kroc Salvation Army Center, the West Pullman Library, Marshfield Plaza, and MIFAB, an industrial company that built their facility on 119th Street. The 119th Street Corridor Plan has set a community-driven process to develop strategies and implementation steps to build on the strengths of the Corridor and make improvements to anchor economic development, housing stability, and community identity and character.

To access the plan, go to 119th Street Corridor Plan.